Bats in the House

My wife found a bat in the basement today.  It was pretty dead.  Dessicated, you might say.  My guess is that it hibernated over the winter, didn’t make it out, then fell from the floor joists where it had taken its nap.  Bummer.

This summer we had bats in the house a couple of times.  Once, I was putting my daughter to bed when a bat landed on the windowsill.  Luckily I was able to quickly wrap it in a blanket and take it outside before it freaked her out too much.  She was curious about it more than she was scared.  Phew.

The second time a bat was in our room as we went up to bed.  That one took a little longer to corner.  I finally got it into the bathroom but it was doing laps around my head.  Eventually it landed in the shower and I scooped it up in a blanket again.  Maybe it was the same bat.

Stupid bat.

I am hoping we don’t have any bats setting up shop in the basement for the winter right now.  How the heck would we find them?  Is there a bat expert we can contact who would know how to find bats in the basement?  A basement hibernating bat expert?

Our basement would be a great place for a bat to spend the winter.  It is dark and warm and gets hardly any visitors.  And there are plenty of cozy nooks in which to curl up and sleep.  Plus, the owners of the house wouldn’t be able to find a bat down there if they tried.

Who’s stupid now?

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