Links to Animated Randomness

Here are a few links to check out that you may or may not find intesting.  They are, in any case, humorous to me, and, as the title above promises, random.  Enjoy!

Savage Chickens

This site offers “cartoons on sticky notes by Doug Savage.”  Every day offers a new cartoon written on a yellow sticky note.  Most of the heroes are, you guessed it, chickens.

Doug Savage Snowman Cartoon

The Comics Curmudgeon

This site offers commentary on newspaper cartoons.  The name says it right.

Marvin 12/2/08


Speaking of emotional devastation, I was pleased to see Marvin’s grandparents left completely shattered as their plans for retirement fall to pieces around them, but that’s just because I hate Marvin and want all of its characters to suffer horribly. Maybe they’ll have to move in with Marvin’s parents! And everyone will get on each other’s nerves, and Marvin will poop in his pants while thought-ballooning wryly! Oh, the hilarity.

Angry Alien

Angry Alien Productions offers some good animated humor.  Here is a link to a 30-second version of Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life starring those cute little bunnies.  And there are plenty more 30-second clips in all movie genres.

That’s it for today!  See you on the funny pages!