My wife’s birthday is tomorrow.  She just got a new iPod Touch.  I won’t be seeing her for a while.

She’ll be here, of course, but she will be way occupied with her new toy.  There are lots of features on this thing and she has lots to learn.  Will she use all the features?  Doubt it.  But she will have fun with some of them.

I have to admit I am a little envious.  She’ll use it for music and she’ll use it get online.  I could use the calendar and the email option and the photo option and…

I have been thinking of getting a new PDA in any case.  Mine was a gift from a friend who didn’t use it.  It is handy but I could use more functionality to really make it work like a charm.

I will test this baby out when I get a chance to get my hands on it.  Maybe that will be my new work tool and toy wrapped into one.

It may be some time before I get my hands on it, however.  The testing will have to wait.