Mascot Suit Hazard



My family went to a Vermont Lake Monsters game tonight at Burlington’s Centennial Field.  We had a good time.  There was plenty of action and we all had free Chessters frozen treats, thanks to my employer.  We watched Champ, their mascot, dance around with the usual mascot antics.  Unlike the last time I went to one of these games, with just my daughter, the kids thought Champ was a bit of a hoot.

On our way home, long past the children’s bed times, my son let loose a rather foul smelling burst of gas.  It meant the windows were open for a while.  And then I got thinking.  What if the guy in the Champ suit laid one of those?  Where could he go?  Nowhere, that’s where.  No tacos before game night, that would be my rule.  Good old Champ.

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