Melon Action

I have tried to plant melons in the past, with limited success. Last summer I saved some seeds from a melon we got from our farm share and planted them directly in the ground in spring. I guess we had a good combination of sun and rain, because I picked the first of what I hope to be several melons today.

I cut it up and we sat out on the porch in the early light and ate it together. The sun was not too hot yet on this 90 degree plus day and we savored the cool sweet flavor of summer.

Here is what it looked like two weeks ago:

Melon on the Vine

And here is the result from this morning:

Ready to be Sliced and Eaten

And on the inside:

Melon Guts

I picked up our farm share tonight and mentioned that I picked my first melon from seeds supplied by the fruit (ahem) of his labor. He was curious to know what it looked like. It turns out he planted hybrids, so the result of those seeds could have been anything. It seems to have worked out. That answers my question about the other melons, however. We have a couple of them that look different from the one I picked. I will be curious to taste those. They have smooth skin and no netting:

A Different Type of Melon

I have to admit I am pretty fired up to have grown some melons. I love those things. I already have seeds drying to plant next year. Maybe they will work just as well. I am hoping I get more from these plants as well. Summer has one more hit of heat this week (at least two more days in the 90’s!) and then we taper to fall. I want to taste it a little longer.

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