Another Four Days of Noticing Being on Camera

So I kept up looking for cameras after my first four and then second four days of trying to notice security and surveillance cameras that catch my image without my consent. Here is my summary.


I worked at two different middle schools but made no other stops.

Traffic cameras: 12
School cameras: 9

Total cameras: 21


I worked with students at one high school. I also made a stop at a health food market.

Traffic cameras: 14
School cameras: 8
Store cameras: 10

Total cameras: 32


I worked with students at a different high school. I stopped at a gas station to get a cup of coffee.

Traffic cameras: 11
School cameras: 12
Gas station cameras: 6

Total cameras: 29


I met with students at a high school. I stopped to fuel my car. I went to a drive-through car wash. I attended an evening event at my town’s school.

Traffic cameras: 11
School cameras: 12
Gas station cameras: 6
Car wash cameras: 2

Total cameras: 31

This makes a total of 113 cameras for the four days. Over the twelve days of my experiment looking out for surveillance cameras I was captured at least 258 times. This does not count cameras that I may have passed more than once or cameras that I simply did not notice. I tried to be alert for any camera I might pass. That is no easy task, however. As I mentioned in previous posts, it takes practice and an observant eye to spot every camera. There were some over these 12 days that I noticed for the first time after passing them on previous days. I am confident that are some I did not see at all.

Security cameras have two purposes–to capture images of activity that may be useful to see after the fact, and to act as a deterrent. Most of them, I suppose, do some of both. I am more aware now, and I am done looking for them. I feel that I will see cameras more often than I did before, but sometimes I will just not notice. That was my hope.

I had planned to continue this experiment for at least a couple more days, but to be honest, I just forgot. I went into several stores over the weekend where, I am sure, I might have spotted more cameras, had I looked for them. I was too busy with my errands, however. So I called it good after twelve days. Not exactly a scientific experiment, but enough for my own purposes.

My image, whether up close or though a car window, was captured over 20 times per day on average over those 12 days. The lesson for me: be good, be aware, but also don’t worry about it. I don’t know that I feel safer because of all those cameras but I understand that they can be useful. I’m no Libertarian, but I’m not sure I like it all that much. It is the world we live in, however. This is Vermont for Pete’s sake, even if I am popping in an out of its most populous city. I can’t imagine how many cameras might be peeking at me if I lived in a large city. I will take 20 per day. I guess.

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