Snow Day Holiday

Today is MLK Day. Martin Luther King Jr. and his contemporaries made a difference. They changed the world for the better. Safe and warm at home it is easy to forget that. We have a holiday today so that we remember that. I will do my best to remember that, not just today.

I had the privilege of meeting John Lewis a few years ago. That guy made me feel welcome and included and heard and seen. And he also made me feel like, no matter what, I could be doing more. That may simply be what happens when you meet someone who has put their life on the line for the greater good. He also reminded me that making small change is just as important and making big change. So at least I can focus on that.

The sun has set now. It is dark and the string lights on the porch railing and posts glow with their coating of snow. It snowed all day. The forecast called for snow tapering off by early afternoon, with total accumulation of up to three inches. They upped that estimated total amount to six inches by early afternoon. We got about a foot of snow by the time is stopped as the light faded.

This has been a day to celebrate. Any snowy day is a day to celebrate. I cannot fail to see how beautiful the world is when it snows. Even the grayest, dirtiest landscape becomes beautiful when it snows. And today we got a pile of the stuff. You might call it glorious.

So today we had reason to celebrate for multiple reasons. And celebration is what we need these days. I skied across the fields with snow tickling my face. I baked a batch of granola. I took care of a few niggling tasks. And I thought about how to change the world. I can start right now by making dinner for my family. It isn’t a lot but in our world it makes a difference. That’s something.

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