Dino S. Aur


Several years ago the dinosaur came. He lived with some friends but we helped him to find his way into curious locations at their house when we visited. At some point he ended up in a curious location at our house. He has been tucked under blankets and buried in a flower bed. He keeps coming around.

When he ended up here, our duty was to make sure he made it back to their house, and vice versa. One time he was mailed to us baked into a cake. He did not fare so well and had to go into physical therapy. This was documented in a photo book. He came with us on a trip to Utah and joined us in all our adventures, including a zip line, hiking, mountain biking, a trip to get ice cream. He got a girlfriend on that trip. Those adventures were documented in a series of Facebook posts.

The topper to that series was the flight home. We asked the crew if we could take a photo of them with the dinosaur. They did us one better. They took Dino and a camera into the cockpit and, once we were airborne, took a video of Dino and his partner flying the plane. Sweet.


The last time he left us he dramatically flew from the car as I exited our friends’ driveway. When we next went to visit them he ended up hiding in the glove box of our car for the ride home. Now he is with us again. I am documenting his life in Vermont (Girlfriend status? Couldn’t tell you) on Instagram. Follow him at Dino.S.Aur. Let’s see what happens.



I finally created a Facebook page today.  I had been holding off on doing so because A, I didn’t need yet another thing to clutter up my spare time and B, I don’t need anything else in my life that might lead to unnecessary junk mail, e or otherwise.  However, I connected with a friend through Skype (an underutilized source of free awesomeness if there ever was one) who encouraged me to sign up.  Her key words were “You should definitely join Facebook; I think you would enjoy it.”

Another friend was visiting recently who uses Facebook a lot.  She, too, encouraged me to sign up.  So while she was here I went on in and tried to do that.  My name was apparently not worthy of instant approval.  Or maybe they recognized my name and thought “What?  That guy?  Could it really be him?”  And so they vetted me to be sure that I was the real deal.  This afternoon I finally got an email that said my account was activated.

Unfortunately, I only had a few minutes to sign in before I had to head out for an evening presentation.  I signed in to find another friend of mine had already requested me as a Facebook friend.  He beat me to my own account.  I checked to see where my security settings were and off I went.  I am curious now to check this thing out that is such a phenomenon.  I have wanted to see pages on Facebook (such as the one for Postsecret) but have been unable to do so.  I suppose now I have a ticket to see the show.

When I get the chance I will mess around with things.  I can hardly wait to see how much time gets sucked away while I try to learn where my high school friends ended up.  But then again, maybe they will find me first.