Tractor Parade

Today was the annual tractor parade in Charlotte.  We went last year and it was a festive and fun event, despite a cold wind and steady drizzle.  This year the weather was perfect and we had even more fun.  My parents were visiting so we had quite the crew there.

We had fresh cupcakes and french fries but passed over the hamburgers and cider doughnuts.  We did check out the miniature horses, the sheep, the rabbits and the two-month old calves.  We didn’t stick around the play any games but we did see quite a few neighbors and friends.  It was a good time.

Whatever the weather, we won’t miss it on purpose next year.

Small Tractors

Big Tractors

Big Tractor

Red Tractors

Red Tractor

Blue Tractors

Blue Tractor

Old Tractors (Rode the ferry from New York no less)

Old Tractor (Rode the ferry from New York no less)

New (kid on a) Tractor

New (kid on a) Tractor

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