New Toy

ipod touchesGot a new iPod Touch yesterday.  Loving it.  I finally figured out how to sync it with my calendar and contacts.  I had to call Green Mountain Access to retrieve my password (those folks are awesome!) because I deleted mine by accident, like a D-U-M.  Then I could get email.  I still can’t figure out why I keep getting the same emails over and over even after I delete them.  Weirdness is afoot.  Anyway, it still seems to get the job done, just in an overwhelming way.

I downloaded a couple of apps as well.  I look forward to using “Planets” once it gets dark.  It gives you a view of the night sky, based on your location (I entered my latitude and longitude) and the time of day (er, night) and tells you what it what.  The view changes as the clock ticks.  You can see when you will be able to see the planets and when the sun rises and sets and the phases of the moon.  Way cool.  And it was free.

I have a couple of other new apps as well (I did spend 99 cents on one) and I think this thing is just the grooviest gadget to hit the household since the cuisinart.  And I haven’t even begun to download music or podcasts.  Playtime stretches before me.  I just need to put the thing down long enough to make lunch for the children and take them to the library.  And sleep.  Oh, and have breakfast.

Maybe in a little while…

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