CTD Round Two?

It looks like, now that three out of four of us seemed to have escaped the illness that beset us this week, my daughter may be coming down with it.  The waking up moaning in pain is clue number one.  The half-asleep cries of “my belly hurts” and “I don’t want to throw up” are the next clues.

Ah, we thought she would escape it.  I suppose she may feel ill because she ate too much candy.  Or maybe she has some other intestinal woes.  Could be, right?  But, really, who am I kidding?  She’s going to toss the cookies tonight.  It is just a matter of time.

Unless she fights it off.  Could happen.  But it looks to be another long night.

I hate to see my sweet kid in agony.  Maybe she, like myself, will appreciate the benefit of a cleansing by vomiting.  My guess, however, is that that ain’t happenin’.

Get ready, plumbing.  We’ll be calling on you tonight.

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