Perfect Winter Day

One Week Ago Today

One Week Ago Today

No Snow but Cold as Winter

No Snow but Cold as Winter

The temperature was in the 20’s when we got up this morning.  Of course, with the children so excited for Easter, we rose earlier than usual.  It was still pretty much dark.  It was 6:00.  I was not ready to get out of bed.  But I did.

Then it snowed.  We have had snow showers all day in fact.  At times it has come down pretty hard.  It has been a perfect winter day.  Only it isn’t winter any more.  April is offering its usual assortment of weather.  Tomorrow the temperature will be in the 50’s.

A week ago we work to snow on the ground.  It did not last long as the day warmed.  The day did not warm today.  It has been below freezing for the duration.  And cloudy.  When the sun shines our house warms nicely.  Today, with the cold, the clouds–and did I mention the wind?–it has not been what you might call a sauna in here.

We have had a fire in the stove.  The children raced around hunting for eggs in the chilliness.  Their faces got red.  They welcomed the woodstove when they came back in, sitting next to it with toys and books.

We may get more snow.  April is not over yet.  May should be free of the white stuff, although one never knows.  I look forward to feeling some more spring tomorrow.

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