Another Summer Adventure

Now that we cleaned up and unpacked from our week away, we are repacked and ready to head off for the night.  We are planning to stay at Ricker Pond State Park for some swimming and canoeing and s’mores and the usual summer fun.  We should get in plenty.  It will be another fine day in the Green Mountain State.  We need to stop three times:

1. At the bank to cash a check and to get cash for firewood (can’t bring your own these days to avoid transporting pests)

2. At the post office to mail some rubber gloves to a friend

3. At the market to purchase eggs, crackers, chocolate (for the s’mores) and one lime (for the gin and tonics).

It ought to be fun.  We need to take advantage of these last days of summer.  Work and school will kick in for all of us way too soon.

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