New Camera

I got a new camera, finally, today.  I ordered it on August 22nd from Amazon.  If I signed up for some service I did not want, they would have shipped it within two days.  That free shipping apparently comes with a price now.  It arrived by UPS while I was off working and I found it on the porch when I got home.  Unfortunately I had no time to really check it out.  I opened it and took a photo and set it back on the counter.  Then I worked for a while more before picking my daughter up from school, taking her to the dentist, and then picking up my son.  Then we had dinner to make and dishes to wash and now it just about bed time.  I’ll get to the experimenting soon.

In the meantime here is the photo I snapped this afternoon:

max Zoom with the New Camera

Max Zoom with the New Camera

Compare this to a photo I took this afternoon with the old camera:

Max Zoom with the Old Camera

Max Zoom with the Old Camera

The color isn’t the same since I took the photos several hours apart.  But you can get a sense of the quality of the photo as well as the ability to capture things far away.  I look forward to playing some more.

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