I Like Living in Vermont

Sunrise in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Sunrise in Bridgeport, Connecticut

I watched the sun rise over the ocean a couple of days this week. I was at a conference in Bridgeport, Connecticut and rose early to walk along the shore. The sunrise was beautiful both days. The sunrise is always beautiful in my book. If I want to start my day with peace, watching the sunrise does it for me every time. I walked the sand and the walkway along the water. It was cool. A breeze blew over the water. It was pretty nice.

I looked for birds and saw lots of them. I saw Brant, a type of goose, by the hundreds. I saw sea ducks and loons. I was hoping to see shore birds but saw none. I did see a mockingbird, however, and an unusual gull, plus parakeets.



The first morning I was in my car, driving back to the conference, when a bird landed on the grass next to me. I did a double take. There was a Monk Parakeet, green and blue and gray, and then another, and then seven total. I have heard of feral populations of parakeets and parrots, but I had never seen one. And there it was. It seemed a little nutty, but I saw what I saw.

The best photo of the Monk Parakeets I could get by the time I pulled out the camera

The best photo of the Monk Parakeets I could get by the time I pulled out the camera

It was great to be in a new place and to see new birds, but the thing is, it helped me get perspective on why living here in Vermont is so great. Here is a short list of a few reasons why:

  1. Traffic. There is some traffic in Vermont but seriously, it hardly compares. Stopped on the interstate in Hartford? That is a regular occurrence. Maybe traffic might be slow sometimes in Burlington. I’ll take that.
  2. Crime. Bridgeport has a reputation, some of it perhaps deserved and some of it exaggerated for sure, but still, I wouldn’t leave my car unlocked there. Is there crime in Vermont? Sure, but again, no comparison.
  3. There is beauty on the coast. That park was pretty nice; but open space is just a lot harder to come by. Even in the most populated county in Vermont I can find plenty of room to hike or walk or run without plodding through neighborhoods or looking out on some kind of development.
  4. Politics–former governor of Connecticut John Rowland was just indicted for conspiracy. He has already served some time in prison. Crazy state politics I tell you. We had a governor run out in his birthday suit to protect his bird feeder from a bear last year. That is about as crazy as it gets around here.
  5. It is just plain old slower and quieter and easier. Driving north on the Wilbur Cross Parkway I was, admittedly, speeding a little. At 60 miles per hour I was traveling at five miles per hour over the limit, but I was the slowest car out there. The pace is just a bit fast and impatient down near the coast. Not for me.

So I am glad to be home. After several days away from my family, I am happy to be with them again. My daughter, in the school play, got sick, so I did not see her performance (missed the first one last night). I did a bunch of errands when I got home, but it was easy and slow and needed to get done. I didn’t mind diving right into our to-do list. I was home.


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