Ripping One, for Adults Only

Recently Apple decided to allow its users access to a program that had been banned from the iPhone because it was considered objectionable.  A fairly recent CNET article sums it up nicely:

After initially balking, Apple finally relented to the extremely influential fart joke lobby. . .and permitted applications such as Pull My Finger and iFart Mobile (ranked 3rd and 10th, respectively, among paid App Store applications at the moment) under what was described as a “Mature” section.

That pretty much kills me.  An application designed to provide a variety of flatulatory phrases can only be offered if is labeled “mature.”  Personally, I think fart jokes are immature, which is why I find them the apex of true humor.  Whatever, Apple, but thanks for lightening up a little.  Now it’s finally worth it for me to buy an iPhone.