Stanky Towels

I can’t remember needing to replace kitchen towels so soon after getting them but the one we have now are on their way out.  When did we get them?  I don’t know.  Within the last year.  Some of them reek after getting wet, even when freshly laundered.  I’m done with them.

We have tried a few things but they just can’t seem to get clean.  Maybe they would be better off if we didn’t use the eco-friendly detergents.  Do we need to use some harsh nasty poisons to get our towels clean?  I thought the sun would do the trick–leave them on the clothesline and that big old ball of fire would kill any nasty microscopic bugs.  Didn’t do it.

I hate to spend money on dish towels.  I’d rather buy an iTouch or a new shirt.  Not that I would buy 300 bucks worth of towels.  On second thought, maybe the towels are a good deal.  I could spend 50 bucks and have something that brings at least a small amount of pleasure.  The towels wouldn’t play games or give me the weather forecast, but they would get the dishes dry without the stink.

The stink.  Yuck.  Not all the towels are that bad.  But man, I’d like to ditch the ones that are.  Maybe I will get on that this weekend.  Apparently, I have a budget of $50.  That should get me started.

One thought on “Stanky Towels

  1. Hey Matt…
    I once read somewhere that you should replace your towels every so often, but I cannot remember how often or where I read it!! But I know that even my Egyptian cotton bath towels after a while get a spoiled smell to them.

    Instead of replacing them, or buying harsh chemicals (you don’t even have to change your detergent), try an ounce of What Odor? in your wash.

    Its biodegradable, non-toxic and safe for pets and kids. What Odor? eliminates bacteria that causes odor, so I bet it will work on your kitchen towels, where bacteria has probably lived for a while!!

    Good luck to you!!

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