Seventeen Miles and a Friendly Copper

Halfway through the Superbowl and I watch the fuzzy television, tuckered out.  I wish I had run seventeen miles today.  No way.  I ran seventeen miles this week, but that still is pretty good.  At least I am up to that.  They were tiring runs this week, all three of them–slippery, cold, windy and hilly.  When every step slips backward on a long steep hil, it makes one tired.

Plus last night I spent a few hours are Waterbury Wings to see my friend Skip play with his band, Generous Thieves.  They were pretty great.  I had not seen them yet and I danced with the rest of them.  This meant I was out late, and so got to bed late.  My children don’t sleep in.  Ever.  Therefore I do not sleep in.

Driving down Route 116 at 12:30 last night, I got pulled over.  The blue lights flashed in the mirror and I pulled to the snow bank.  I haven’t gotten pulled over in over a decade.  I knew I wasn’t speeding but my adreniline was pumping.  This Williston police officer was pretty dang nice.  “On your way home?” he asks me.  I told him I was coming from Waterbury and he asked “Off skiing?”  He gave me a warning for having a headlight out.  I felt like he stopped me to do me a favor, as if he just wanted me to be safe.  The guy had a huge grin.

I still have to get the headlight replaced and send in the ticket with a signature on it.  From some certified repair guy.  That will still cost me, I suppose.  I do need to replace it.  Too bad I just noticed it a couple of days ago.  Anyway, I have some new respect for Williston police.  At least I wasn’t speeding.  Or drunk.

The ticket was dated February 1.  See you later, January.  Maybe this week I will get up to twenty miles.  I don’t plan to drive to Waterbury any day soon.  Or anywhere at midnight for that matter.  Now I just need to get that damn headlight replaced.  Tomorrow.  The copper may have been nice, but he didn’t give me much time to deal with the problem.  At least I will be taking the day off from running tomorrow.  That should give me a little time to deal.

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