Dark Now

Just back from an early run. It seems to be getting darker and darker in the morning. Oh, wait, it really is getting darker and darker. I left at 5:30, ran a shortie since I have to be off to work in a short while. Back just after 6:00. It was dark when I left. It was dark when I returned. It is still dark. Good old headlamp.

Made an apple pie last night. I’ll have that for breakfast. Stayed up too late. Ordered holiday cards–the early bird deadline to get a big discount is today. Family is asleep. Current tasks: make coffee, get out of these ridiculous running duds, take a shower, shave so I look halfway presentable, get a haircut, get novel manuscript in the mail, cloth myself, eat pie.

I’m off to it. Bring on the day, whenever it may come.